Modernizing Your Wedding Day: Personalized Bridal Shower Invites

60 invitations, envelopes, and handcrafted inserts / 1 day design and consultation / 3-day production

Let’s Flamingle bridal shower invitations and gift card tags. Cathy & Crystal wanted a gift message to match the bridal invitations they found on Zazzle, which was a cute fillable invitation that says Let’s Flamingle. They wanted to add a message to their guests to not have the gifts wrapped.

Display and Shower: Tradition is changing and showers are too, so here’s an idea we’re hoping you do. Bring your gift without paper or a bag, simply use a bow and the enclosed tag. An unwrapped present is just as sweet and will save more time to mingle and eat. We’ll display your thoughtful gifts for all to see, then relax and honor the Brides-To-Be.

I wanted to make their message card truly special and purposeful so I created an insert card and hand-crafted a custom gift tag for their guests so that they can just simply cut and attach it to their gifts. So pleased and unexpected of how the card presentation Cath & Crystal asked if they returned their previous invitations if I would be able to make the invitation match this look. I couldn’t have been any more pleased with the end result.

Tools Need to Make

  • Bone Folder for scoring
  • Ruler
  • Exacto Knife
  • Cutting Mat
  • String
  • Hold Puncher

I would love your feedback. For custom design and handcrafted invitations and inserts like these please don’t hesitate to ask.



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