how to make a vector image using Adobe Illustrator

  1. Drag and drop or open your image file in Illustrator. Crtl/Cmd O or File > Open
  2. Select the down arrow on Image Trace and choose silhouette and then expand. This will outline the shape. If there is a white background behind it, no worries, just double-click on the graphic and remove unwanted white space and then double click to ex out.
  3. Now you are able to manipulate your graphic size, create new elements, and customize color.
  4. This is great for certain logo re-creations, illustrations, monograms, stencil designs, graphic elements to add to your design library. Here I made an Instagram stencil. The white space is there because when cut, it will take the form of its shape so that I fill in the rest. 

Hope you enjoyed this quickie tutorial on how to make a vector image using Adobe Illustrator.