How to become computer savvy using these simple commands

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your computer skills? What if I told you that using these shortcut keys can bump your skill sets by five?! Cray cray right?! Well, it’s true.

Every day you’re telling the computer what to do like typing in the search bar, ordering something online,  using your email etc. Or Take for instance capitalizing a letter. Most of us know to hold down the SHIFT key and start off with your letter. You’re able to do that because you are commanding it to do so. Most people use a mouse to point and click to make the action happen. If you’re savvy enough you’ll begin to learn that using the keys Control and Command you are commanding/controlling your computer instantly.

If you have a Windows, you will see a Ctrl button and if you have a MAC you will see a Command button. Two of these computers are different brands but all follow the same basic fundamental principles. 

Test your skills. Open a word document, notepad, web browser, and start commanding. Don’t worry you won’t break the computer. 🙂