Making masks are fun when I can do it with my own set of tools I’m familiar with. I’ve been having fun prototyping breathable, water-resistant, adjustable, and customizable masks. Using decal, lamination, and fine tailoring I’ve been able to make something that will make accessorizing an outfit again be more thrilling.

After prototyping, designing, staging, and photographing I wanted to make a fun short video clip using Canva. Canva is a powerful marketing tool that’s making Adobe seem obsolete. You can make videos, websites, presentations, effects, resize images, embed, post, and order your designs right then and there.

Whether if it’s COVID-19, cosplay, erotica, or an event, these Beat Bombshell Masks are on another level and are waiting to be worn. Stay Safe. Stay Fashionable. – Vanessa Alexis