We come up with a solution of how much exposure you need and what you want to promote by setting a suitable allowance, or lunch money, so to say. This is where the seeding process begins. We take shots of the dining ambiance, parties, and food, experience and cross-promote your business by dining, giving reviews, posting and sharing real-time shots, and checking in on all your business platforms and their accounts. It’s all about increasing exposure, and we have the team seed your exposure and make it worth growing into something bigger, better, and organically. Not the GMO kind. 🙂

Professional photos and real-time photos are at the top of every restaurant’s list. Beet Marketing takes care of that for you. We set up a meeting to discuss the food photos that your guest wants to see and that you wish to promote. Because seeing is believing, we want your guests to look at your food and say, I want to go there.

We take photos with our cameras and our phones to get real-time shot perspectives, keeping an organized photo library where you can access anytime.

As designers, we have to wear many hats for design, layout & execution for each trade and platform.