Social Media Marketing

Reputation Management written by Vanessa Alexis
What's the Dill?

Guests be beefin' on social media. We are your meal ticket to sending negative reviews to the slaughterhouse. Ya herd?


Social Media Marketing

Our social strategy will create new revenue while fostering loyalty, increased traffic, and develop promotions to serve your business agenda.

Your target customers are those who are most likely to buy from you. We research their age group, earnings, likes, area, gender and more.

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Experience design at scale

Our creative team will design, develop and deliver conceptual ideas that will distinguish your brand as an industry leader. Rest assured that you have your own dedicated designer that is in tune with your business, style, feel, and call to action.

Keep up with the jones

Are you in a pickle?

Want to keep your customers coming back for more? So do we!  Actively processing customer reactions is an integral part of keeping clientele happy.  We track and respond to diners’ reviews, keeping you informed and your restaurant’s reputation squeaky clean!

Let our specialists create a strategy that:

  • Creates new revenues while you run your business
  • Fosters loyalty & increases buying frequency
  • Develop promotions to serve your business agenda
  • Educates your customers
  • Manages your reputation
  • List Item

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Quarterly Analytics Report

The first objective is setting a goal. Are you wanting more page likes, engagement on special promotions and events your offering? Every quarter Beet Marketing send you a quarterly report see just that.


Branded Social Graphics

80% of engagements are from food posts. When you add food photography and the branded design, your guests will know that your reputation and creditability is strong.


Brand Reputation Management

Guests want to be heard and will go online and express their experience on online like Yelp, Four Square & other social platforms. We keep your reputation clean with reading, responding and resolving the issue.


Social Integration to your site

We keep your fans on your page and engaged by setting up and intergrating Twitter, Instagram, Email Sign Up and store online.


Online Gift Card Store

Online stores is another great way to sell for those who don't have time to call. We make it easy for your fans to purchase gift cards, nick knacks or special promotions.


Weekly Creative Content Posts

Your target customers are those who are most likely to buy from you. We research their age group, earnings, likes, area, gender and more.

Ask about your personal assistant

No more losing and or retrieving your account passwords from other outsourced help. Beet Marketing Solutions keeps everything organized and in one place for you to access.