Many restaurants haven’t put their menus on their website, have menus that are a picture image or have menus that can’t be accessed from a mobile phone. Eighty percent of consumers say they think it is important to see a menu before settling on a restaurant, and 70 percent prefer to do this on a smartphone. Sixty-two percent of potential guests even go so far as to avoid restaurants that don’t have menus available online.

As the Internet becomes a stronger tool for restaurants, those that do not adapt will guest be less likely to take an interest.
Menus should be easily available online and should be formatted for mobile devices. This is a relatively inexpensive, simple task, but it is one that many restaurants have yet to accomplish.

We accomplish this by asking for an updated menu in a word document. If not designed, that’s okay it’s included in our service. Our creative team department designs redesign and reformat your document into a pdf so that your guests can view, save, and share your menu through their smartphones. It’s also important to have your menu written out online so that search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox can pick up on these keywords making your guests easy to find what they’re looking for. After the owner approves their menu design and changes, now you can cross promote and share your fresh look online.



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