Hold Your Horses Ya’ll for I found the Best App that Overrides Facebook Text Overlay on design campaigns!

Best app to use for social marketing designs. My new favorite app is the best for this. Finding a Facebook loop hole may have been the most exciting part of my day. If you manage a social media account then you know before you promote/boost your ad you have to run through the Image Text Overlay to determine how much text is on your ad. This can be frustrating when your re-trimming coy, re-designing it’s layout, re-saving, re-uploading and a round the circle we go. I find this mind boggling that they only allow you to maybe add 10 characters and even that it will say that it’s too much and it will only go out to certain amount of people.

My first of many attempts was to create my text on any adobe suite program, outline as a vector and save out into every format file, then adding it into another design so that it may read a picture instead of text. FAIL.

Then I remembered a certain app I used that creates pretty design elements with your text, WordSwag. Viola! It worked. Here’s an example to show you the difference. Hope this helps.Facebook-upload-tool

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